PUBlic Gastropubs aim to offer you an experience in dining that parallels your finest tastes and becomes a hub in your heart where your favorite dining memories live.  We inspire you to embrace all the goodness that life offers!

PUBlic Cuisine

PUBlic Restaurants offer an ever-changing, seasonal, “farm to table” menu that complements your feelings around the seasons.  Our menus are inspired by Gerry Kent, an award winning chef and restaurateur, who envisioned the profound role restaurants play in our lives: “[Restaurants] create food that fits how you are feeling… [with] what’s available.”  Truly PUBlic understands that you enjoy food for many reasons.  Food is more than just nutrition but also the fabric of your culture, a facet of your identity, something you believe strongly about, and what brings your relationships closer together.  To embrace all of those aspects, PUBlic Restaurant’s menu chooses the freshest wild caught seafood, the highest quality meats, locally grown produce, the finest spirits, west coast hand-crafted beers, and local and imported wines.  Then we combine them with the spices and feelings of the season.  For instance, in winter and fall you will taste cinnamon, pumpkin, chutneys, rich creamy sauces, and comforting meal items.  In the Spring and Summer you may taste hot chilies, lightly grilled seafood, lemon zest, cilantro, and bright vinaigrettes with fresh produce and berries.  We believe that in order to produce the most incredible dish we must train our chefs well, continually search for the most exquisite ingredients, and choose our items from local, organic sources.  We believe that the hands that produce our menu items are precious from our farmers to your server.  Respect for those creative hands runs through our whole business.  Without doubt, you can sense it in the focus and smile of our chefs as you watch them prepare your meal before your eyes.  Our chefs prepare seafood and veggie specials daily for the freshest taste and experience.

We warmly welcome your wee ones by offering accommodations to suit your needs and make dining a pleasant affair for your family and friends. We offer a menu “For the Littles” that includes items that are tested and true to young people’s tummies.

Please see our menu for our current offerings.

PUBlic House Menu

PUBlic 74 Menu

Do you have a favorite you would like to see on our upcoming menu? Please let us know on our Facebook page.

PUBlic Beverages

PUBlic Restaurants are gastropubs that raise their bars to the highest standard.  If you come for the fresh hops you will be pleased to always find twenty hand-crafted beers on tap, many of them brewed here on the west coast.  There is always just the right brew for your particular palate with notable beers include Russian River’s Pliny the Elder & the Younger, Avery Brewery’s DuganA IPA, and the Great Divide’s Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout.  Our wines are no exception, for we choose each white and red for their cherished nuanced qualities.  You may enjoy Renzoni Vineyard’s red wine Concerto, Alexander Valley’s Chardonnay, or Troublemaker by Hope Family Winery.  You will never need to ask when happy hour is because at PUBlic Restaurants our wells are already high quality spirits such as Tito’s Vodka, Bombay Sapphire Gin, El Jimador Tequila, and Buffalo Trace Bourbon.  We welcome you to try our finely crafted cocktails including PUBlic Prosecution, PUBlic Spectacle, or PUBlic Exposure.  We promise the night will end well.

Please, take a look at our current drink menu.  We update our menu regularly.  However, be advised that by the time we meet, we may have tapped the last pour of your favorite brew.  If you are coming for a certain brew, make sure we have what you are coming for by calling ahead.  Cheers!

PUBlic House Drink Menu

PUBlic 74 Drink Menu

PUBlic Entertainment

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are bustling music scenes at our restaurants. We feature an ever-shifting entertainment circuit of local musicians.  From Jazz to Reggae and Acoustic Indi- folk, PUBlic 74 prides itself that it can support local musicians and unite them with their loving audiences as they dine and drink.  For upcoming weekend entertainment, please see our entertainment schedule.