Old Town Murrieta’s First GastroPUB.

DownTown is a very precious labor of love for all of us.  We take this moment to share the meaning of DownTown for us.  We hope some part of this will move you, inspire you.  Maybe you’ll talk about it and maybe you’ll disagree or find value in it.  Either way… great!  Please allow it to guide you into a more receptive place for all that we offer you at DownTown.  Because we are passionate about what we wish to offer you.  We believe being open leads us into the mystery of what dining and life an be- the only place greatness is found!

We designed this restaurant knowing that many people have grown up hungry for, needing and seeking community adn continue this search today.  We believe in relationships, diving into conversations, sharing ourselves, and being receptive to otehr’s unique gifts.  We are proud of who we are, what we do, and our truth.

For these reasons, we built social tables and lounge areas, an inside and outside open bar, a public hand washing room, and a completely transparent kitchen.  So that we are together- not separated.  So we can see each other, know one another, and experience what it’s like to be connected.  It takes a village- and you are part of ours.  We are a part of yours.

We do not modify menu items unless in the case of an allergy.  Please trust us and enjoy the dish the way we designed it.  We are passionate about the design and we want to offer it to you the way we envisioned.  If you don’t absolutely love it, as sometimes happens, please tell us!  We want you to love your experience.  Otherwise, it’s on us.

We find the gold in life in sharing.  That’s why we designed most of our menu with “Small Plates”.  Our hope is that this idea inspires you to try a couple, share them, and experience togetherness through them.

We’re not trying to sell you on this idea.  We are inviting you to play with it, taste it, really give it a go.  Find out what value there is for you in being closer to people.  Shut off your phone.  Show up with the honest, real you.  Share generously.  Every moment, we commit to being real, honest, generous with ourselves and connected with you.

Please respect our neighbors by parking in our back parking lot behind Washington Square and refraining from parking in their designated parking lots.  They are part of our village and we value them greatly!

Feel free to contact me or my Queen, Kimm, with any feedback or questions.

Strength & Honor





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DownTown opens daily at 11am and closes from Sunday through Thursday at 10pm.  Friday and Saturday, our Kitchen close at 11pm and our Bar closes at Midnight.

24619 Washington Ave STE #105-106 Murrieta, CA 92562