PUBlic74 - San Juan Capistrano

Craft beer, specialty cocktails and a variety of wines.

  • Dinner
  • Beer
  • specialty cocktails
  • wine

Salt and Herb, BBQ, or Sesame Chili Lime


Brussel sprouts fried golden, tossed with red wine drunken cranberry, chili flake and finished with goat cheese and balsamic reduction.

$12.00 Smoken Socal Wings GLUTEN-FREE

All natural wings, smoked & finished golden tossed w/ your choice of renzoni straight, sweetly spicy or candy thai

$14.00 Public Mac

Elbow pasta w/ chef choice of flavor, fontina, aged gouda and topped w/ herb bread crumbs

$14.00 Spun out Dip vegetarian

Spinach, artichoke, cream cheese and goat cheese dip topped with fontina and caramelized poblanos served w/ house made bread

$7.00 Shishito Peppers GLUTEN-FREE vegetarian

Charred seasoned shishito peppers finished with lemon and roasted pepitas

$10.00 Citrus Basil Cauliflower GLUTEN-FREE vegan

Charred roasted cauliflower finished with citrus and opal basil

$12.00 Tomato Addiction vegetarian

Cast iron roasted crushed garlic, sweet tomato and herbs finished w/ balsamic. Served with st andre brie and grilled breads

$10.00 Sesame Broccoli vegetarian

Golden fried broccoli tossed with a sweet soy sesame vinaigrette and sesame brittle

$10.00 Grill Cheese & Soup vegetarian

Nothing beats grill cheese, unless you pair it w/ a spicy tomato coconut soup


Add Chicken for $5, Steak for $8, Shrimp $7 or Market Fish to any Salad below

$13.00 Cucumber N Tomato Carpaccio GLUTEN-FREE vegetarian

Sliced hot house tomato, marinated cucumber, baby organic greens. Finished w/ olive oil, house made chimichurri, goat cheese & fresh herbs

$9.00 Public Beet GLUTEN-FREE vegetarian

Mixed greens and quinoa tossed w/ sherry vinaigrette garnished with chardonnay poached organic beets and finished with crumbled feta cheese

$10.00 Cilantro Jalapeno Caesar vegetarian

Romaine hearts tossed in our summer jalapeno & cilantro caesar dressing topped w/ pecorino & toasted pita bread

$7.00 Lemon Bennys vegetarian

Fried ricotta beignets topped w/ fresh lemon curd. Finished w/ powdered sugar

$7.00 Fruity Crunch n Cream vegetarian

Caramelized puff pastry stacked with mascarpone chantilly whip & seasonal fruit compote

$7.00 Chocolate Creme Brulee GLUTEN-FREE

Bitter sweet chocolate and espresso custard finished w/ caramel sugar crust

$17.00 Thai Shrimp

Golden shrimp served over broccoli & garlic brown rice. Topped with a sweet thai chili sauce

Chef Fish MRK

The chefs pick of a seafood special! Be adventurous and ask in case your server hasn't already told you

$15.00 Cory Lime Chicken GLUTEN-FREE

Coriander lime chicken over golden herbed cauliflower finished with pickled red onion

$28.00 Ribeye Steak GLUTEN-FREE

Cowboy style coffee n chili grilled angus ribeye steak over potato mash n chef veg

$26.00 Backyard Brisket GLUTEN-FREE

Slow braised beef brisket over potato wedges & corn poblano mix. Topped w/ a spicy tangy BBQ sauce & pickled onions

$13.00 Chicken Sammy 2.0

Lime seasoned chicken stuffed into hoagie finished with fresh cucumber carrot slaw tossed with sesame ginger vinaigrette & red pepper aioli! With pub potatoes!

$17.00 The Burger

Char grilled 10oz of grass fed wagyu beef topped w/ white cheddar on a aioli dressed bun topped with greens, pickled onion and tomato! With pub Potatoes

$16.00 Smokin Reuben

Hickory roasted corn beef piled on grill toasted rye. Dressed w/ 2K dressing, kraut & emmentaler swiss. W/ pub potatoes!